June 29, 2017

Design Crush: S.alt Design Co.

on tuesday i shared a bathroom on my instagram by s.alt design co. that i can. not. get out of my head so i decided that a proper blog feature was in order. and bonus - there's another view of that amazing bath!!

this project is my favorite and i think you'll see why.

but there's more to see - here are some images from other projects.

i adore this clean, modern, coastal vibe. and i love finding amazing work that inspires me so much!

June 26, 2017

What I'm Loving Lately

besides getting to pick up our sweet pup from the kennel, reacclimating to regular life is tough not gonna lie. so i'm easing in with some retail therapy and another installment of random things i'm loving lately!

i've got some fun wardrobe updates with tees and shoes plus the chambray dress that i picked up in nantucket (it was in my stories). also great home stuff like the le creuset pot (also comes in navy!) and the colors are all matte which makes it even better. that book is SO beautiful and it's hanging out in my cart right now. i also bought the leather wrapped candle in nantucket but found it online too. it's  such a great accessory and it's going to travel around the house, i already can tell.

June 23, 2017

Nantucket: Where To Eat

i seriously can not believe it's friday - this week has FLOWN by. we still have a couple more days so i'm not going to rush them. for real though i could stay here for a month and eat my way through this island. so many good restaurants and little sandwich places, it's incredible! this is not going to be a comprehensive list by any means but i've gathered my own little list of island spots that we keep returning to plus a few new ones. would love to hear your favorites too!


fog island cafe - this is right on the main drag and admittedly doesn't look like much but we crave the eggs benedict here.

downy flake - homemade donuts and lots of eggs made a zillion ways.

black eyed susan's - always a wait but for good reason.

island kitchen - breakfast to die for and also the most delicious ice cream.

provisions - our favorite egg sandwich on island. something about that tomato jam and herbed egg is just so good!

lunch/sandwiches to go:

something natural - ginormous yummy sandwiches with a great area for kids to play. do not miss the chocolate chip cookies here!

fresh - in town, hubs is a big fan of their sandwiches.

claudettes - 'sconset's sandwich stop - super cute with limited outdoor seating.

lemon press - out of this world avocado toast.

the green - healthy and organic options.

45 surfside - cute stop on the way to surfside beach with some seating.

yummy nantucket - all to-go sandwiches and also has milkshakes/ice cream.

sandbar at jetties - awesome new place right on the beach with a great drink list and good comfort food. try the ultimate grilled cheese!

dinner with kids:

brant point grill - at the white elephant hotel so dressier but we go every year with the boys, eat early, and let them run around on the lawn. definitely go when you can eat outside!

brotherhood of thieves - pub fare with a decent kids menu.

millie's - mexican in madaket. also take out and go watch the most amazing sunsets on madaket beach.

keepers - family friendly, just out of town and gets great reviews.

lola burger - gourmet burgers and beer.

nantucket prime - at the jared coffin house and also great for lunch outside.

pi pizzeria - great pizza to eat there or take out.

dinner without kids:

galley beach - dining on the beach and a place to see and be seen. 😉

toppers - at the wauwinet and views for days. we had a great anniversary meal there last year.

club car - underwent a major transformation and redesign and looks absolutely amazing!

the nautilus - never been but looks fun and casual

56 union - same as above. out of town a bit but supposed to be very yum.

greydon house - new this year and A-MA-ZING! we had the best meal there. get the gnocchi appetizer. plus the design is really pretty.

lola 41 - specializing in sushi and it's pretty tiny (but cute!). you technically can bring kids although there's no kids menu and you get to sit out back by the dumpster. 😜

cru - fun, casual and a seafood lovers paradise.

ventuno - italian, homemade pasta right downtown.

dune - fresh menu with lots of locally sourced ingredients. great broad st. location.

oran mor - the first restaurant we ever went to on nantucket. cute upstairs bar.


the juice bar - four words: ice cream cookie sandwiches.

island kitchen - as previously mentioned, delish ice cream (try the banana cream pie) which they also serve at surfside beach!

petticoat row bakery - in the heart of it all with a great selection of cookies.

nantucket bake shop - never been but sounds wonderful!


stop and shop - not much to say here other than it's always packed! there are two locations but the one out of town is much better.

bartlett farm - fresh, yummy, and expensive. ;) just down from cisco brewery.

cowboy - butcher with an amazing selection of rose for those interested (me!!).

June 21, 2017

Scenes From ACK

if you follow me on instagram and watched my stories, some of these will be repeats but here are some real life photos from our trip so far. truthfully the weather hasn't been great but last night the clouds broke and we saw the most amazing sunset on the beach!

the house we're renting really is awesome. so much lawn to run and play games on plus the pool perfection. my kids love to swim and the ocean here is cold and often rough so for us the pool is a must have.

how adorable is the guest house?!

earlier in the day we drove over to steps beach which was walkable/bikeable for us last year and it really is just gorgeous. the homes there are stunning.

the whale cut outs in those shutters - and i wouldn't mind that yellow defender in the garage!

after dinner we went down to surfside beach and what a difference a day makes - if you saw my insta post on monday of this same lifeguard chair you know what i mean.

they wore their tennis shoes which didn't get full of sand at all 😉

only one wanted to scale the lifeguard chair with daddy.

that view though 😍

that's it for now. i'll be back on friday with a round up of restaurants here because you really can eat your way through this island.

June 19, 2017

Nantucket Homes AKA A Shingled Paradise

hi friends! the end of school is an utter whirlwind. and it was only preschool. i just felt wiped and needed to take some time to recoup from the chaos. my boys came home with approximately 15 lbs each of artwork and projects - and i thought there was a lot during the school year! i think emotionally too it took a toll as they're moving on from the place they've been since they were 18 months old. so now we're taking some time to relax in one of our favorite places ever, nantucket. this week on the blog i thought i'd dedicate my posts to this gorgeous island.

i'm kicking off the week with some good old fashioned eye candy in the way of nantucket real estate. we had planned (and even put the deposit down) to rent the same house again as last year but things fell through and it led me to scour the internet for 6 days straight (and maybe a tear or two!) before finding this year's gem. we feel very lucky!

more on this place later but for now feast your eyes on more amazing properties from ack! i took of a photo of this stunner last year and it never gets old.

total fantasy land.

stunning new construction.

hanley development

blue shutters on shingles, swoon.

via traditional home

hanley development

hard to pick a favorite and seriously this is just the tip of the iceberg. i'll be posting lots more of my own pics in my instagram stories!
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