December 8, 2017

Pins I've Pinned and Posts I've Liked

what a week!!! what a seriously amazing and fabulous week! thank you SO much for all of the comments and messages about my new brand and website. the response has blown me away. again thank you to coast to coast studio for all of their hard work. and i'm not sure if i said it before but thank you to my clients for trusting me with their houses and letting me help them make their homes feel so special.

then last night i happened to be browsing the studio mcgee blog and saw a photo from the #plainroadproject included in their roundup on this post. pretty nice way to finish up such a wonderful week! 💙

so i might as well pay it forward! i asked the question on instagram earlier this week but is anyone else's saved folder in instagram exploding lately? i have so many beautiful images saved and it's the perfect time to round them up here.

can we say mudroom envy?!

(who also happens to live in the neighborhood next to mine)

such a beautiful way to do christmas. none of the glam or glitz, just simple.

this kitchen stopped me cold. I WANT.

this front door situation is screaming my name. the white brick and the gray is so good.

i pretty much love everything lexi westergard does and this office nook is no exception!

i've lost steam and i'm skipping pinterest tonight but you can always just follow me there to see too! happy friday everyone!

December 6, 2017

Introducing: Meredith Rodday Design

drum roll please!!! today is the big day. i'm beyond proud (and also excited and little nervous!) to announce the new look for my interior design business:

image via coast to coast studio

about a month ago the lovely ladies, lucy and paige, of coast to coast studio reached out to ask if i'd be interested in working with them to create a real brand behind my work. it was exactly the kick in the pants that i needed. i created view from my heels when it was cool to name your blog back in 2010 but it doesn't really resonate with the work i'm doing anymore. i'd been toying around with the idea of creating a professional website for a while and never made it a priority. honestly i was scared to take that leap and i didn't completely believe that i was legit enough to have a professional website. it was so wonderful and empowering to hear their perspective because they saw me as a designer. not only a blogger or design enthusiast but a full fledged designer. having never had any formal education or experience in design, i've never felt completely comfortable calling myself a designer. even on instagram my profile has always read "interior design obsessed." just by reaching out and explaining the overall brand they envisioned for me, they helped me believe in myself. so really it's much more than just a new website and logo, it is complete empowerment and for that i am extremely grateful.

the process was very easy with lucy and paige. i sent inspiration images, colors, and sites and they came up with some ideas. we landed on a very clean and simple design which i think represents me to a tee. they were also incredibly patient as i changed my mind, changed it back again, and got into every detail. one of the biggest decisions was color and while it's hard to tell here, i opted to use a washed out navy (inspo was benjamin moore hale navy) as opposed to traditional black. it sounds pretty minor but i really wanted to use blue and it gives a slightly softer look than black. 

we created a new logo and lettermark which are both below. starting today, you'll start to see these logos and the new meredith rodday design brand mentioned and incorporated in my designs. my blog will stay put for now but can be accessed through the new website as well. i'm also keeping the viewfrommyheels name on instagram. i have a new email address that's up in the contact page.

as i said before, it's so nice to have a one stop shop so-to-speak of bio, portfolio, and yes even shopping! a huge thank you to coast to coast for all of their amazing work. 😘😘

December 4, 2017

Christmas Tree Giveaway And An Exciting Announcement!

hi hi hi! so many fun things to catch up on today so let me jump right in! first, it's mr. r's birthday and so a very happy birthday to my partner in crime. we celebrated a bit this weekend and will do some more today too. we love you!

next! i posted a very fun giveaway on instagram - go to this post for all of the details on how to enter. basically it's a choice of a flocked lit or unlit christmas tree from king of christmas which i've heard has amazing trees! so please go enter if you haven't already. even if you already have your tree for this year, there's always next year! or a second tree?!

photo by @doreencorrigan

and can i tell a little secret? we're going faux this year too. 😬😬😬 it took a LOT of convincing on my part - mr. r threw a small fit and i don't really blame him. but after thinking about the convenience factor and the fact that he wants to have the tree in our family room this year (we've always put it in the office in past years for space reasons), it felt like the right decision. i was worried about the new rug in the family room and hauling a tree in through the room plus needles and sap and all that good stuff. granted, it feels completely sacrilege - neither of us has ever had a fake tree and it feels very unnatural. so to appease the side of us that felt we would be missing out on the family tradition of going to pick a tree, we got a smaller, real one for our porch together as a family. it's actually super cute, i love it! here's hoping that when the other tree comes, we will be happy with this decision!!

and last but not least, i have an exciting announcement on a personal note - over the last month i've been working with coast to coast studio on a new brand for my business - new website, logos, and eventually email. the new website is probably more grown up than i am but it feels incredibly good to have a cohesive place that better represents all of my hard work in the last two years. it has been exhilarating to work on and makes my stomach flip all at the same time - probably a good sign! i can’t wait to show it to you all. 💙

November 28, 2017

Cyber Monday Extended!

best news ever (your wallet might just disagree) but so many of the cyber monday sales are extended through today!

top left: honeycomb pendant | woven pendant | art all 25% with code BESTDAY
top right: coffee table | dining table | gray malin photo all 30% off no code needed

November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Table

hey y'all! i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoyed a break from work or just even the routine over the last few days. i know i did! so did anyone make any fun black friday/cyber monday/general sale purchases?! (btw i find all of these names of these sales SO annoying - just say it's a sale, tell me how much off, and when it starts and ends. done!) i made one fun house purchase that i'm excited about and can't wait to show.

our thanksgiving started with our microwave completely biting the dust after only two years which is infuriating!! so we found ourselves at best buy picking up a new one wedneday night. i have to say the only saving grace is that this happened during all of these sales! the other very unfortunate thing that happened is that i somehow lost my new lululemon rain jacket. i actually must have lost it about a week before but just realized it over thanksgiving. real tears were shed and i'm still hoping it will turn up. 😩  apart from all of that nonsense we had a very nice, quiet thanksgiving with my parents and we were grateful that they came to us this year. anyway! here is our table and for all of the details (i mean every last one, i've linked them all), scroll to the end.

the design of this table was based on green, black, and white palette and the key was layering. the thing i'm probably most proud of is that there is nothing in the decorative items that's over $100 and most are under $50.

i talked about this runner on my stories - it's from a company called small gunns. this is actually two 60" runners overlapped in the middle. the thin black and white stripe was exactly what i was looking for.

i layered rattan chargers, black plates, white linen napkins, and mini cheese boards that i wrapped with a piece of ribbon and topped with a sprig of rosemary.

i used a ton of eucalyptus - both the garland and the vases had fresh cut seeded eucalyptus. i'm not great at arranging flowers and the eucalyptus is easy! the garland i shipped in but the stems in the vases were from whole foods! i added a couple of white peonies to each to break up all of the green from the vase and the leaves.

my dining room definitely has a beachy vibe and to make it feel cohesive with the table, i carried the green, white, and black over to the cabinet. but i still kept the accessories fairly beachy using beads and natural materials.

since there were only six of us, i took advantage by styling the ends of the table where no one was going to sit. it made it feel more lived in and relaxed.

truth be told, i can't stand this chandelier in here. i ordered it a while ago thinking it would work but in reality it doesn't work at all. i have a replacement ordered but it didn't come in time for thanksgiving. this one could be so good in another space and it's officially for sale!

ready to shop the look? i've rounded up all of the EXACT pieces from my table. not "close alternatives" but the same things i used. and the best news of all is that many of these items are on sale!

not pictured but you can find the chandelier here:  i'm sure i've forgotten something so feel free to ask! the table is no longer available and is from restoration hardware.

on a completely unrelated note (that you may have seen on my stories), my two little guys got to skate at the boston garden during a bruins game last friday!! it was such a great time and i am just so proud of those two. i hope they always remember at least some of day and if not we have about 40 videos to show them. 😉

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